Which China influencer strategy should you use?

mikey's hook up There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to working with bloggers and influencers in China or anywhere in the world. Depending on your marketing goal, you might want to look into engaging different types of bloggers or different ways of engaging them. We really like how the possible strategies were spelled out here, breaking it up into short, medium and long term, and how each can benefit a brand. Rather than select KOLs only based on the number of followers they have, brands should examine what their strategy is, and think about how to best engage the influencer’s followers, beyond posting a #ootd and tagging the brand.

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click On the topic of influence, it’s becoming clear that there are lots of things to look out for when determining whether a KOL can actually influence their fans to making purchases. Hyptap has revealed just a few of the things that it factors into its influence algorithm, including following, engagement, location, sentiment within the posts, and categories and brands within the posts. Enflux uses data science to predict which individuals can influence a brand’s target audience, and surprisingly, the influencers they identify are oftentimes normal people just like you or me.

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