CIM Podcast Episode 001: How Brands Should Treat KOLs, Live Streaming Ecommerce, and China's F&B Industry with Antoine Bunel

November 16, 2017

Today’s guest is Antoine Bunel, he is the number 1 foreign food influencer in China, and in 2016 he earned a spot on Topklout’s list of the top 100 influencers on Chinese social media.

In this interview we talk about the direction of the food industry in China, why TV is still relevant, his experiences live streaming for and Taobao, his advice for brands when working with influencers, and why he thinks influencers will eventually eliminate the need for marketing and ad agencies.

Antoine shares so much valuable information in the episode you might have to listen to it twice!

Guest: Antoine Bunel

Host: Lauren Hallanan

Mentioned in the Episode:

Topklout Ranking:

Trends in China’s F&B industry:

Live Streaming for Brands:

Chinese Cooking websites/apps:

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