CIM Episode 008: Chaotic Events, Dealing with Unprofessional Influencers, and Staying True to Yourself with Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger Adrianna Wang

In this episode, we chat with fashion lifestyle vlogger Adrianna Wang. A couple years ago, Adrianna started posting videos on Chinese video sharing site Meipai and now her channel called “The Mulan Show” has nearly 500,000 followers who live vicariously through her high-energy vlogs.

What drew me to Adrianna was her unique style and outgoing personality. Adrianna was amazing guest, she shared so much information that I know will be valuable for you all. In this episode we cover:

  • What her experience is like as an influencer attending events and what brands could be doing better
  • The main differences between influencers in the West vs. China
  • Chinese consumer behaviors and why brands should partner with an ecommerce platform rather than just translate their website into Chinese.
  • Why companies need to be doing more research into influencers and not rely on a PR agency to handle everything for them

Guest: Adrianna Wang

Host: Lauren Hallanan

Mentioned in the episode:

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