CIM Episode 009: Prioritizing Fans Over Brands and Adjusting to Life Back in Australia with One of the Most Famous Foreign Influencers in China, Comedian David Gulasi

In this episode, we chat with David Gulasi, one of the most famous foreign influencers in China. In early 2016 a video he created went viral and, fast-forward to today, he now has over 8 million followers in total across multiple social channels and has worked with tons of huge brands including Dove, Huawei, Volkswagen and Fisher Price.

David and I discuss:

  • His content creation process
  • The future of live streaming
  • Why he prefers working directly with brands (as opposed to agencies)
  • Why brands need to stop micromanaging influencers
  • How his move back to Australia has impacted his career as an influencer in China and his plans for the future

Guest: David Gulasi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgulasi/

Email: david@hohhotmedia.com

Weibo: @davidhohhot

Host: Lauren Hallanan

Website: www.laurenhallanan.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-hallanan/

Instagram: @laurenleren


Mentioned in the Episode:

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