CIM Episode 012: Answers to Your Top Influencer Marketing Questions and the Benefits of Having an Always-On Influencer Strategy with PARKLU CEO Kim Leitzes

In this week’s episode, we chat with Kim Leitzes, the CEO and Founder of PARKLU, China’s premier influencer marketing platform. This episode with Kim is not only super interesting, but is also full of practical tips for brands who want to run influencer campaigns.

We dive deep into some of the most common questions she receives from clients including: Should I work with one top tier KOL or many smaller KOLs? How much should I budget? Which platforms should I use? Is there a minimum number of KOLs we need to work with in order to see a significant result? And, do you suggest running a short, concentrated campaign or spreading out KOL collaborations over a longer period of time?

We also discuss what brands can do to develop and maintain a good relationship with KOLs and what brands can do to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication during campaigns.


Guest: Kim Leitzes

Host: Lauren Hallanan



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