CIM Podcast 016: Recent Trends and Changes in China’s Influencer and Social Media Marketing Industries with Host Lauren Hallanan

This week I recorded another solo episode in which I discuss several trends that I’ve been seeing over the past couple months as well as some concerns I’ve been hearing from influencers. I also answer a question I’ve been getting a lot lately and share a new research tool.

Feel free to skip around, here are the topics I cover in order from beginning to end:

  • Is influencer marketing still hot in China?
  • New daigou search tool
  • Influencers increasingly frustrated by the monetization of Weibo and Meipai
  • 15-second vertically shot videos the latest content trend
  • New gamification features on line streaming apps
  • Another crackdown on live streaming content
  • Ecommerce live streaming

Host: Lauren Hallanan

Website: www.laurenhallanan.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-hallanan/

Instagram: @laurenleren


Mentioned in the Episode:

Daigou search tool:

More about daigou:

About Weirenwu, Weibo’s sponsored post platform:


Recent announcement about live streaming:

Ecommerce live streaming:

Thanks to our sponsor PARKLU: www.parklu.com

For additional information and show notes head over to www.chinainfluencermarketing.com

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