CIM Episode 017: Mini Programs, Monetization, and How to Engage and Grow a Following on a Mature Platform: Discussing All Things WeChat With China Channel’s Matthew Brennan

In this week’s episode we chat with Matt Brennan, co-founder of China Channel, creator of the Chat conference, and a well-known speaker and expert on all things WeChat. I realized we hadn’t covered WeChat that much so far on the podcast so I wanted to have Matt on to give us the rundown.

We cover:

  • How brands and influencers can be using mini programs
  • WeChat’s improved search features
  • What is the Brand Zone?
  • Will WeChat start to monetize influencer campaigns like Weibo and Meipai have?
  • How foreign brands and tourism boards can be better utilizing WeChat
  • WeChat saturation and how to grow an audience on a mature platform

Guest: Matthew Brennan

Host: Lauren Hallanan


Mentioned in the Episode:

Mini Program Creation: Youzan

Becky Li Mini Program Case Study

More Mini Program Case Studies

Brand Zone

Podcast w/Elijah Whaley on Weibo Monetization

WeChat CityExperiences

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