5 Types of Influencers for Marketing to Millennial Chinese Moms

With the end of the one-child policy and increased government support for millennial Chinese moms, China’s huge mommy-baby industry is set to see even more growth over the next ten years.

For one, the number of Chinese children under 7 will reach a whopping 190 million.

Not only is the industry growing, but the target consumer is dramatically changing as well. The majority of new millennial Chinese moms are part of the post-80s and post 90s generations and have lifestyles and ways of thinking very different from those of previous ones. Young Chinese moms grew up during an age of prosperity and technological change. They are trendy and value self-expression. They live multidimensional lives, taking on many roles including mother, head-of-household, and working professional.

They don’t want to be defined by motherhood — they want to retain their individualism and continue growing as a person.

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