CIM Episode 022: What Chinese Millennials Really Think About Social Media and Influencers With NYU Masters Students Jingyi Hu and Qianni An

April 26, 2018

In this episode we chat with Jingyi and Annie, two Chinese millennials studying abroad in New York City. On this podcast we often talk about Chinese millennials, their interests, behaviors and consumption habits, so I wanted to actually get some Chinese millennials on the podcast and hear what they had to say.

I talk to Jingyi and Annie about their favorite social media platforms, which social media accounts they follow, their opinion on influencers, and whether or not influencers ever have an effect on their purchasing decisions.

Some of their answers really surprised me, for example they both cited Redbook (Xiaohongshu) as one of their favorite social media platforms. After listening to what they had to say about the platform I really want to play around with it more!

I listed all of the social media accounts they mentioned during the interviews below so you can check them out!


Jingyi Hu


Qianni An (Annie) – her interview begins at 34:30


Host: Lauren Hallanan



Instagram: @laurenleren



Mentioned in the Episode:


Jingyi’s favorite WeChat accounts (unable to link, can find on WeChat by searching ID):

  • KnowYourself (WeChat ID: knowyourself2015)
  • Inspirational or “chicken soup” account: 林熙Lin Xi (WeChat ID: inks01)
  • Abnormal human being research center不正常人类研究中心 (WeChat ID: hahahabzc)
  • Fashion critics account: Exhibiting Fashion (WeChat ID: ExhibitingFashion)
  • Some personal blog accounts:
    • Miss Tao密斯桃 (WeChat ID: misstao413)
    • Sweet Beets甜菜根姑娘 (WeChat ID: sweetbeets)
    • 假装在纽约 (WeChat ID: mr-jiazhuang)
  • Some info account related to New York City life and entertainment:
    • 纽约君 (WeChat ID: nycmaster)
    • 纽约潮报 (WeChat ID: nychaobao)
    • 纽约美食地图 (WeChat ID: foodmapnyc)

Annie’s favorite Redbook accounts:


Daigou are asking Fan Bingbing to stop recommending products (in Chinese)

Chinese International Students Are the New Brand Champions

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For additional information and show notes head over to

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