Wechat Mini-Programs Revolutionize KOL Sales Campaigns

Over the past year, we have frequently mentioned the emerging phenomenon of Chinese KOL brands — KOLs who turn the traditional sponsored-post model of KOL sales campaigns on their head by manufacturing and selling their own products specifically created for their audience. This model proved extremely effective last 11.11 Singles Day when a total of 6 KOL-run stores made it into the Top-30 best-selling female fashion stores on Taobao.

Weibo KOLs created the majority of these brands and run the stores on Taobao. This is largely due to the partnership between Weibo and Alibaba, which allows integrating the two platforms for a seamless buying experience.

Unlike Weibo KOLs, WeChat KOL Sales Campaigns were stuck. The ability to link to outside e-commerce platforms was limited, making it difficult to achieve high conversion rates. But now, thanks to WeChat mini-programs, WeChat KOLs are starting to join the ranks of successful Taobao-based KOL brands.

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