CIM Episode 032: The Daigou-Style Cross-Border E-commerce Platform That Does Your Influencer Marketing For You, w/ McDavid Stoddard and Yi Li of Beyond 别样

Our guests today are McDavid Stoddard, Director of Merchant Partnerships and Yi Li, Marketing Director from the cross-border e-commerce platform Beyond别样.

Beyond hasn’t been discussed much in Western media, but they are definitely worth paying attention to! They have 1M MAU are working with some big names such as Alexander Wang, Lord & Taylor, Everlane, Harrods and many other brands.

In the first half of the episode we discuss their unique business model and the pain points it solves for Chinese consumers. Then in the second half of the interview we learn about their marketing and content creation. Part of Beyond’s unique selling proposition is that they have an in-house content creation team that publishes daily original content on the app, sharing new products, styling tips, and educating consumers about the brands they work with. According to Beyond, the average user spends 25 minutes each day browsing their content. In addition to creating their own content, the team also helps brands partner with Chinese influencers on a variety of platforms including Weibo, WeChat, and Bilibili.

Yi relays her experiences with influencer marketing and at the very end of the podcast she shares some really interesting thoughts regarding the growing trend of celebrities making influencer-like content and whether it’s better to work with celebrities or influencers.


McDavid Stoddard, Director, Merchant Partnerships

Yi Li, Marketing Director

Border X Lab website


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