CIM040: Key Traits You Should Look for in a KOL with Weibo Fashion Influencer Anny Lou

March 5, 2019

Many brands find it difficult to select the right KOLs to work with. My conversation with this week’s guest Anny Lou may help.

Anny is a prominent fashion influencer with over 1.6 million followers on Weibo. While my interview was focused on learning about her career, her thoughts on Weibo, and her experiences working with brands, her responses revealed a great deal about the key characteristics of an influencer who is truly worth working with.

Some of the key traits she reveals are:

  1. A true passion for their subject matter
  2. A desire to share products and experiences that they think will benefit other people, regardless of whether they are getting paid or not
  3. Long-term commitment
  4. Dedicated to building a reciprocal relationship with their audience
  5. Professional and responsible attitude towards working with brands

There are a ton of other great takeaways from the episode, but this is what really stood out to me, that she is a prime example of the type of influencer brands should seek to work with.

What we cover:

How Anny Lou became a fashion influencer

  • Anny’s fashion knowledge
  • How Anny’s modelling career took off
  • When Anny started with Weibo
  • Being an influencer with a full-time job and how Anny does it all

How does Anny Lou curate her content

  • Why Anny focuses the most on Weibo
  • How her team adds to her output
  • The secret to growing such a large social media following
  • How to establish a close relationship with a massive social media audience
  • Frequency - How often do you need to post to generate a following and engagement
  • Post styles that work with Anny’s followers
  • How followers’ opinions should play a role in your content

What forms of online tools are part of her work

  • Videos and vlogs are growing in China
  • How Weibo has changed a lot as a platform and what you need to know
  • What is the deal with Weibo and sponsored posts
  • Which other online platforms does Anny engage with

How does Anny Lou work with brands

  • Her perspective on brand partnerships
  • She tries out new brands to ensure quality
  • Posting about free products
  • Common problems that occur when working with brands
  • Brands that are doing great marketing
  • How does brand reputation play a role with Chinese consumers

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Lauren Hallanan



WeChat ID: h1212118514


Anny Lou

Weibo and Instagram: @安妮时髦精

WeChat: Anny_Lou

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