CIM044:Content and Growth-Hacking Tips from Top Travel Vlogger Ariel Chen (Part 1)

May 6, 2019

Chinese vloggers understand the benefit of having a team:

  • Started out with an assistant in China who helped with basic admin tasks and communicating with brands and platforms
  • For content to perform well, every platform needs different thumbnails, titles, descriptions; it takes a lot of time and effort to upload so she freed up a lot of time handing that over to her assistant
  • Hired a full-time videographer and that has improved her output dramatically. The production quality has gone up a ton, to the level where it can compete with video production in the West (which she feels is still ahead of China)
  • Originally videographer was Canadian, but he didn’t understand Chinese taste, harder for him to communicate with other people she worked with
  • Also has many contractors and works with other producers, directors and editors
  • Her main videographer found her and asked to be her videographer, she helps him grow and gives him opportunities to film the things he wants so that he stays satisfied as well. Not all about her.

More than an influencer:

  • Now that she has a team she also works as a creative agency and produces videos for destinations, to be shared on their platforms, but usually she will share it on her platform as well
  • Foreign brands hire her to manage their social presence

Growing her following + content tips:

  • In China, influencers need support from the platform, once the platform recognizes you it is easier to grow
  • Important to understand the rules of platform
  • Capitalize on hot topics – i.e. Australia china travel year, if you create videos about Australia they are more likely to get promoted by the platform
  • Sacrificed earnings in the beginning to focus on creating a personal brand instead of working with every brand that came her way
  • Important to have consistency, really solidify your image
  • Daily uploads of videos or vlogs was a turning point, you stay top of mind for audience and platform
  • Video is key in China right now
  • Mafengwo long articles not as popular anymore
  • Don’t treat Weibo and Chinese platforms like Instagram. A pretty picture alone won’t get noticed.
  • Some travel bloggers focus on detailed guides or smart travel tips. Her audience follows her – wants her experience, impression, see what she does, see her personal growth
    Difference between US and Chinese vlogging – YouTube vlogs often 8-10 minutes, and China needs to be shorter, within 1-3 minutes

Guest: Ariel Chen
Weibo: @人字拖游记
Xiaohongshu: @人字拖游记
Douyin: @TravelEnglish

Recent speech Ariel gave on China influencer marketing

Host: Lauren Hallanan

WeChat: H1212118514

Check out my book: Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers and KOLs

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