CIM049: 3 Innovative KOL Marketing Case Studies

In this episode my assistant Kejie and I discuss three recent KOL marketing case studies that we felt were refreshing. Even though I’m obviously all about influencer marketing, I freely admit that when brands, agencies, and KOLs get lazy, collaborations content and formats can become very repetitive, which bores followers and therefore leads to poor campaign results.

SECOO x Becky Li

Today we’re going to share 3 campaigns that we found to be fun and engaging, where brands and influencers went the extra mile. They include:

  • Ximen Dasao X Stuart Weitzman
  • Gogoboi & Chris Hemsworth X Swisse
  • Becky Li X Secoo

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Swisse x Gogoboi


Article: Deeper KOL Collaborations Help Brands Stand out in a Sea of Noise

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