CIM 051: Easternization & Understanding Young Chinese Consumers with Zak Dychtwald, Author of “Young China”

Today we hear from Zak Dychtwald, author of the book “Young China” and Founder of the think tank Young China Group.

In this episode we dive deep, trying to understand young Chinese people and what they are all about. Zak shares some of the defining characteristics of the post 80s, post 90s and post 00s consumers, how they differ from older generations, as well as common misperceptions international companies have about this highly sought-after consumer group.

If you’re working for an international brand in the China market or one that’s looking to enter the China market, I highly suggest you listen to this episode and check out some of the videos of Zak’s speeches that I have linked below.

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  • Zak shares his China journey and how he became interested in this topic
  • Why he chose to live and write the book in Chengdu
  • Chengdu and Chongqing are leaders for Chinese youth-culture trends
  • Easier for people in lower tier cities to look up to lifestyles Chengdu and Chongqing than Beijing and Shanghai
  • Key misperception: tacit expectation Chinese want to Westernize, but now this is less and less true. Concept of Easternization. We need to accept that other countries will not always orbit us, we might not continue to be the center.
  • As Chinese consumers mature, they want more distinctive brands, less about those big names that everyone recognizes
  • Quality of life is being valued more and more
  • China doesn’t have ‘millennials’ – stop trying to shove them into Western generational frameworks
  • Key differences between various generations of Chinese consumers
  • Most of the time we tend to focus only on the top 10% of Chinese consumers and miss opportunities
  • Why you cannot expect to understand Chinese consumers if you haven’t spent much time outside of Beijing and Shanghai

Guest: Zak Dychtwald

Email: zak@youngchinagroup.com

Website: https://www.youngchinagroup.com/

TEDx speech 

Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Speech

BBC World Program on Millennials (password is BBC. Necessary for folks outside of the UK)

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