CMP060: Breaking Down China’s Male Beauty Trend

In 2019 male beauty and skincare was one of China’s fastest growing consumer product segments. In fact, data from Euromonitor shows the Chinese male beauty market is growing at over double the global average (13.5% vs. 5.8%). In this episode we give an overview of the male beauty industry in China: how large is it, what products does it include, what are the consumer demographics and what are the cultural drivers of this trend?

On the podcast to discuss the topic with me is Joyce Sheng, a Chinese post 90s consumer and avid fan of the podcast. Joyce shares her personal perspective on how her male friends and colleagues are engaging with this trend.

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  • Data from Euromonitor shows the Chinese male beauty market is growing at over double the global average (13.5% vs. 5.8%)
  • What does “male beauty industry” mean? Are we talking about skincare? Haircare? Makeup?
  • Why is the male beauty industry growing? What are some key cultural trends behind the growth?
    • Career pressure – 95 percent of young Chinese people in a recent survey said that looks have a direct impact on salary
    • Pressure from women
    • Changing definitions of masculinity – A 2018 Weibo survey found 60% of respondents strongly support men wearing makeup, up from 29% in 2015
    • Desire for self-improvement
  • Who are the main consumers in China’s male beauty market?
  • What are some of the main products they buy?
    • Nivea, SKII, L’Oreal, Olay are popular brands
  • What is the opportunity for brands?
    • Getting males to move from simple skincare, to advanced skincare, to color cosmetics
    • Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo targets their female customers to buy products for their significant other
  • What are the challenges for brands?
    • Male consumers don’t tend to shop for beauty products offline as much as their female counterparts do
    • Local players understand the market better
    • Need to educate the consumer
    • Male consumers seek convenience


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