About Me

“Doing what you like is freedom”

Kim Leitzes (ParkLU)

Hi, I’m Kim Leitzes, the founder of ParkLU, a platform that connects marketers to thousands of China’s top influencers and key opinion leaders (KOL). Social media platforms are key to any digital marketing strategy in China, and the landscape changes all the time, so I try my best to stay on top of all related developments.

ChinaInfluencerMarketing.com is where I share all the insights I come across from my work, news articles, Wechat posts (summarized in English!), and more, with the international community of brand managers and marketers. If you have any tips that others could benefit from, hit me up here or connect with me on Twitter. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve found it as useful as it for me! Want to get updates in your inbox directly? Subscribe to the weekly newsletter here: