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CIM Episode 012: Answers to Your Top Influencer Marketing Questions and the Benefits of Having an Always-On Influencer Strategy with PARKLU CEO Kim Leitzes

In this week’s episode, we chat with Kim Leitzes, the CEO and Founder of PARKLU, China’s premier influencer marketing platform. This episode with Kim is not only super interesting, but is also full [...]

CIM Episode 011: How Executives and Academics Grow Their Influence & Monetize Their Knowledge on Zhihu with Corporate Trainer Elliott Zaagman

In this episode, we chat with Elliott Zaagman, a Corporate trainer who specializes in helping Chinese enterprises grow into global organizations. Elliott also writes for several leading online publications which is how I [...]

CIM Episode 009: Prioritizing Fans Over Brands and Adjusting to Life Back in Australia with One of the Most Famous Foreign Influencers in China, Comedian David Gulasi

In this episode, we chat with David Gulasi, one of the most famous foreign influencers in China. In early 2016 a video he created went viral and, fast-forward to today, he now has [...]

CIM Episode 008: Chaotic Events, Dealing with Unprofessional Influencers, and Staying True to Yourself with Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger Adrianna Wang

In this episode, we chat with fashion lifestyle vlogger Adrianna Wang. A couple years ago, Adrianna started posting videos on Chinese video sharing site Meipai and now her channel called “The Mulan Show” [...]

CIM Episode 007: Identifying the Right Influencers and How Alibaba’s New Retail Will Affect Influencer Marketing with China Marketing Expert Ashley Dudarenok

In this episode, we chat with China marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok. In 2011 Ashley established Alarice International, a social media agency that offers creative marketing solutions for China and in 2016, she and [...]

CIM Podcast Episode 006: How Brands Can Get the Best Results from Influencers with Digital Marketing Expert and Cofounder of One of China’s Top Beauty Influencer Brands Elijah Whaley

In this episode, we chat with one of my good friends, Elijah Whaley. Elijah is a content producer, marketer, and passionate advocate for influencer marketing innovation in China. He is the Chief Marketing [...]

CIM Podcast Episode 005: 1.9 Million Fans in One Year and Sponsorships With Some of China’s Biggest Brands: How 23-Year-Old Raz Gal Or Strategically Built a Chinese Media Empire

In this episode we chat with Raz Gal Or, the co-founder and host of the wildly popular video series歪果仁研究协会 in English known as the Foreigner Research Institute or Y China. Over the past [...]

CIM Podcast Episode 004: Chinese Millennials Embarrassed to Travel with Large Tour Groups – Understanding the Next Generation of Chinese Travelers with Travel Influencer Ariel Chen

In this episode we chat with Chinese travel influencer Ariel Chen. If you’ve been following Chinese consumer trends you know that the Chinese outbound travel market has exploded over the past few years [...]

CIM Podcast Episode 003: Selling Milk to Chinese Moms, Why Trust is Crucial in the Daigou Industry, and the Power of 1,000 True Fans with Aussie Dad Tom Shanahan

If you follow ecommerce in China you’ve probably heard the word daigou. A Daigou is a grey market agent who helps people purchase products from other countries and ships them back to China. [...]

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