China’s Social Media Top 100 KOLs – IN A CHART

November 16, 2016 recently published a chart of China's top 100 KOLs and Social Brand Watch gave some important insights:

"Papi Jiang is in top spot, followed by 回忆专用小马甲 who posts adorable images on this pets, and third was 艾克里里 who posts imagery of himself with crazy face altering make-up.

Interestingly, some foreigners pop up at positions 46 and 72.  DavidhohHot, and Australian based in Inner Mongolia, gained 46th place by sharing English-learning materials from his tutoring school.  While Ippo巧克力 from Nambia, has gained a huge fan base with his playful video showcasing his command of several Chinese dialects."


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