Livestreaming goes mainstream

November 23, 2016

Livestreaming has now gone mainstream in China, and beauty brands are quick to capitalise on the trend. According to a report by L2, two thirds of global beauty brands are now using one of the 32 main livestreaming platforms to promote themselves. Here are the major livestreaming platforms that cosmetics brands are using (note, the top two are also e-commerce platforms) and its popularity amongst beauty brands:

Tmall - 49 percent
Taobao - 35 percent
Meipai - 21 percent
Yizhibo - 19 percent

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Other industries have also taken to live-streaming to reach larger audiences in China, often with hilarious content that lends itself to being shared easily. For example, Oreos had a celebrity stuff his mouth with the cookies, all the while singing its ingredients list; Adidas had a graffiti artist respond to live comments and draw things on a customizable shoe.

Those looking to create branded content on livestreaming platforms should be aware though, China has strict new laws about what content is prohibited, including a live-streamer seductively eating a banana.

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