CIM Podcast Episode 005: 1.9 Million Fans in One Year and Sponsorships With Some of China’s Biggest Brands: How 23-Year-Old Raz Gal Or Strategically Built a Chinese Media Empire

November 29, 2017

In this episode we chat with Raz Gal Or, the co-founder and host of the wildly popular video series歪果仁研究协会 in English known as the Foreigner Research Institute or Y China. Over the past year, 23-year-old Raz and his team have strategically built a media company with over 1.9 million followers on Weibo alone and have partnered with some of China’s biggest brands including and Ofo Bikes.

It’s a shorter episode than usual, but we cover a lot! Raz shares why he started the company and his greater vision for the brand. He also delves into tactics sharing how they generate such massive engagement, how they decide what brands to work with and their methods for incorporating branded content. Raz also shares his thoughts on China’s changing social media landscape, how it is maturing and becoming more expensive and why content creators in China need to become more professional if they are going to survive.

Guest: Raz Gal Or

Personal Weibo: @高佑思不是皮克

Foreigner Research Institute Weibo: @歪果仁研究协会

Official WeChat ID: waiguorenyanjiu

Personal WeChat: razgalor

Y China Facebook Page:

Host: Lauren Hallanan



Instagram: @laurenleren


Mentioned in the Episode:

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Episode from new series where Raz experiences a day in the life of a Meituan food delivery person.

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