CIM Episode 013: Networking, Building a Personal Brand, and Using Your Influence to Grow Your B2B Business in China with Global From Asia Founder Mike Michelini

January 24, 2018

In this episode we chat with Mike Michelini, a fellow podcast host, business blogger, and ecommerce expert. Mike’s business, Global From Asia, teaches people how to set up and run ecommerce businesses in China, both exporting from China or doing cross-border ecommerce selling into China.

We talk a lot about personal branding, growing your network, and becoming a business influencer in China. Mike has both Chinese and Western audiences and shares how he develops, repurposes and customizes content to suit their different needs.

Guest: Mike Michelini



Cross Border Summit:

Host: Lauren Hallanan



Instagram: @laurenleren


Upcoming Event!

I’ll be speaking about influencer marketing at the Global From China China Business Workshop in Miami, Florida on February 8th-9th. Come join us! Podcast listeners can receive 30% off of the ticket price using code lhcbw2018 at checkout. Learn more about the event at:

Thanks to our sponsor PARKLU:

For additional information and show notes head over to

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