CIM Episode 011: How Executives and Academics Grow Their Influence & Monetize Their Knowledge on Zhihu with Corporate Trainer Elliott Zaagman

January 10, 2018

In this episode, we chat with Elliott Zaagman, a Corporate trainer who specializes in helping Chinese enterprises grow into global organizations. Elliott also writes for several leading online publications which is how I first came across him. Earlier this year he wrote a piece for Technode about Zhihu, China’s popular knowledge sharing platform which started off as a Q& A platform but has evolved into a hybrid of Quora, Patreon, Coursera, Twitter and Linkedin. His article shared how many people, especially professionals and academics, are leveraging their knowledge to grow a following on the platform, and now thanks to new features, they are able to monetize their popularity through paid courses and live streams.

I think Zhihu is extremely underrated, especially in Western media, so I had to have Elliott on so he could share more about it.

Besides talking about Zhihu, we also discuss what it is like being the only foreigner writing for the popular Chinese business news site Huxiu and how it has helped position him as a thought leader and attract business leads.

This episode is a little bit different than previous ones but still very much related to Chinese influencers and growing influence in china, so I know you guys are going to like it.

Guest: Elliott Zaagman

  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat: ezaagman
  • Zhihu: @ELL小查

Host: Lauren Hallanan


Mentioned in the Episode:

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