PARKLU Insights: 5 Chinese Social Apps Marketers Should Use in 2018

January 9, 2018

Every day marketers are bombarded with news about China’s two largest social media channels: Weibo and WeChat. Because these Chinese social apps are the most popular, brands that try to promote themselves in China often feel they have to flood all their resources here.

That’s not always the best choice.

While Weibo and WeChat are mature and crowded (and becoming more expensive for marketers by the moment), there is a multitude of other Chinese social apps. The country’s vast population means even they have massive userbases. Furthermore, you may be able to save a pretty penny advertising and working with influencers on these other platforms, while connecting with a more niche audience in the process.

To find out 5 lesser-known Chinese social apps that are worth taking a look at check out this article:

5 Chinese Social Apps Marketers Should Use in 2018

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