PARKLU Insights: How to Use Live Streaming to Sell on China Ecommerce

January 9, 2018

Between August 17 and September 17 this year, nearly 35 million people watched live streaming on the China ecommerce platform Taobao.

Whether it’s on Taobao or one of the many other China ecommerce and social media platforms, live streaming is the hottest way to sell to Chinese consumers.

Live streaming is China’s QVC and if used correctly, it can be even more effective.

Global brands are jumping on the trend. While the fashion and beauty industries are leading the charge, live streaming is an opportunity for any industry. A perfect example is AudiAudi was the first car brand to live stream a product launch on Tmall. Consumers were able to order Audi cars from Tmall whilst watching the live streamed launch event.

To learn more, check out this article:

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