CIM Episode 019: The Dark Arts of Chinese Agencies and a Plea for Brands to Stop Using Only the Top 1% of Influencers with Elijah Whaley

March 28, 2018

This week we’re back with a bang, this is a juicy episode that you definitely want to listen too. Eljiah Whaley, CMO of China influencer marketing platform PARKLU, is back for round two and this time he takes us behind the scenes to talk about the dark side of Chinese agencies that he has experienced while running an in-demand influencer brand alongside his girlfriend Maggie.

We also go into a number of other topics including:

  • How easy it is to fake your way to the top
  • Why brands should stop repeatedly working with only 1% of influencers and give the other 99% a chance
  • Opportunities for brands with mid/micro/long tail influencers
  • The new trend of influencer-run creative agencies
  • New, free PARKLU tools:
    • Analytics tool
    • KOL budget calculator

Guest: Elijah Whaley


Personal Website:


Host: Lauren Hallanan



Instagram: @laurenleren


Mentioned in the Episode:

Melilim Fu:

  • Melilim Fu is a top 50 ranked cosmetics and fashion influencer brand founded and run by Elijah and his girlfriend Maggie. The face of the brand, Maggie was formerly an in-demand makeup artist for companies such as GQ, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Bazaar
  • Website:
  • Weibo: @傅沛MelilimFu
  • Tudou: @傅沛MelilimFu
  • Meipai: @傅沛MelilimFu

China Ad Agencies Lose Their Edge to Influencer-Led Creative Studios


PARKLU KOL Budget Calculator: COMING SOON! Kepp and eye out on the PARKLU website at:


Thanks to our sponsor PARKLU:

For additional information and show notes head over to

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