5 Influencers Share Product Seeding Tactics For Free Marketing

April 27, 2018

It’s a common practice in the influencer marketing industry to send products to an influencer hoping for free publicity. We call this tactic product seeding. When done right, gifting is a great relationship-building tool and can lead to free marketing for your brand. You’re sending a message that you value the influencer by giving them your newest products.

However, brands must understand that giving gifts by no means obligates influencers to post about them on social media. But if they genuinely like what they see, they will often share it with their audience voluntarily.

If you want product seeding to work for your brand, try to think about your products from an influencer’s perspective. The gift needs to be shareable. It needs to be social media worthy.

In many cases, the excitement of receiving gifts is not enough to make an influencer want to post about it. Remember, top influencers receive gifts on a weekly — sometimes daily — basis.

So what might convince them to post about your product?

5 Influencers Share Product Seeding Tactics For Free Marketing

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