How 7 Electronics Brands Use Influencer Marketing in China

April 27, 2018

China is the world’s leading consumer electronics market with revenue surpassing 97 billion RMB in 2017, but the competition for sales is fierce, especially in the smartphone market where dozens of homegrown and international brands are battling to increase their market share. In this aggressive landscape, electronics brands are turning to influencer marketing to set them apart.

And who better to promote these products than influencers?  Regardless of the type of content they make, smartphones, cameras, and computers are the fundamental tools of all KOLs. KOLs use these electronics all day, every day — far more than the average person. Indeed, the quality of their work (and therefore their career success) depends on it, so they only want to use devices that will produce the best results. They often develop an affinity for a particular product or brand and are able to speak convincingly about its merits. Their followers frequently ask them what devices they use, hoping to get the same look or achieve the same result.   

Chinese phone companies OPPO and Meitu realized this early on and are leading the charge, devoting enormous resources to KOL collaborations, events, and experimenting with emerging platforms. They are seeing a great deal of success. In late 2017, a number of other electronics brands began working with influencers and the trend is sure to continue into 2018.

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How 7 Electronics Brands Use Influencer Marketing in China

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