CIM Episode 025: SEO for China Influencer Campaigns, Tencent’s Weishi and Dishonest MCNs Screw Over Content Creators, and Ongoing Government Crackdowns with PARKLU CMO Elijah Whaley

June 20, 2018

I’ve got one of our favorite guests, Elijah Whaley, back on the podcast to talk about a really valuable but often overlooked topic – how to get the most out of your KOL campaigns with SSO or social search optimization.

During the second half of the interview which switch gears and chat about some recent Chinese social media news, including the recent Weishi controversy, which involves Tencent’s video platform Weishi being accused of withholding payment from content creators. We also discuss the ongoing content crackdowns and what brands need to be aware of.

Guest: Elijah Whaley


Personal Website:


WeChat: elijahwhaley

Phone: +86 135 2150 0226

Host: Lauren Hallanan



WeChat ID: h1212118514



Mentioned in the Episode:

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Thanks to our sponsor PARKLU:

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