CIM Episode 030:’s 618 Shopping Holiday, the Rapid growth of Video Game Live Streaming, and do Post 00’s Chinese Consumers Trust Influencers? w/ Michael Norris, Consumer Research Manager at Resonance China

August 22, 2018

In this episode, which is part 2 of my interview with Michael, we start out discussing’s 618 shopping holiday and make some guesses as to why, despite its incredible sales figures, there was relatively little coverage of the event in Western media in comparison to Alibaba’s Singles Day.

Then we switch topics completely and talk about video game live streaming, particularly viewers’ top motives for watching. I think you’ll be interested to hear what Michael shares, it’s not what you might think.

Then last, I get Michael’s take on a report that Tencent’s Penguin Research released earlier this year which found that post 00’s consumer’s trust wanghong and daV less than celebrities. Many people have misconstrued this to mean post 00s consumers don’t trust influencers and I argue that that is not what the report is saying at all.

Guest: Michael Norris


Mini-program: 消费趋势指南

Host: Lauren Hallanan



WeChat ID: h1212118514


Mentioned in the Episode:

618 sales stats: (This has the 40% stat)

Rise of China’s e-sports market

Comedian turned gaming live streamer 池子

Tencent report:

Thanks to our sponsor PARKLU:

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