CIM 038: How Brian O’Shea Got 5 Million Followers on Douyin by Eating Dumplings

January 20, 2019

Though its growth has cooled down a bit, short video app Douyin is still one of the most popular social media platforms in China. Today I have on another Douyin content creator Brian O’Shea, who you might know by his account name Tastebuds or his nickname Dumpling Brother. Brian is one of those crazy Douyin success stories, garnering 5 million followers in a little over 6 months. His success is a true testament to the power of niching down. Besides hearing his amazing story, we also talk about:

  • The problem with being pigeonholed into one type of content
  • Has Douyin plateaued?
  • Why Douyin Challenges have backfired and caused viewers to become bored
  • Why Douyin influencers feel pressured to join multi-channel networks (MCNs)
  • The mysterious Douyin homepage algorithm and getting your content seen
  • Douyin’s strict content moderation
  • Creating sponsored posts for brands

Guest: Brian O’Shea

Douyin account


Host: Lauren Hallanan



WeChat ID: h1212118514

Mentioned in the Episode:

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