CIM039: Fan BingBing is Back, What Influencers Consider Before Quoting You Their Fee

February 6, 2019


In this episode, we dissect two articles featured in the China Influencer Update Newsletter. One is about the Fan Bingbing scandal, and the other is about how influencers calculate their fees.

Keije Yi, my assistant, Chinese journalist student, and former intern for famous fashion blogger, Becky Li, joins me on the show today. Keije offers a Chinese perspective of the Fan Bingbing scandal and later shares vital insights about which type of content influences her and her peers the most.

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Show Notes:

  • Fan BingBing’s tax evasion scandal (道歉100天后,范冰冰正式复出:究竟是谁让她东山再起?)
    • Why Fan Bingbing’s scandal did not ruin her
    • The brand niche that saw Fan Bingbing’s scandal as a threat to business
    • The insights Fan Bingbing’s scandal revealed about Chinese consumers
    • Why Fan Bingbing’s scandal recovery has been relatively quick compared to other influencers
    • Which brands will continue partnering with Fan BingBing despite the scandal
  • How influencers calculate their fees (小红书的算法千人千面,你一个小博主的报价都整出算法了?)
    • How influencer’s price their sponsored posts
    • What brands should know before teaming up with an influencer
    • How large brands develop sponsored content in China
    • Why there is not a sponsored ad process that works every time
    • Original photos vs Brand photos - which performs better
    • The number one detail young Chinese consumers look for in content
    • Why content format needs to vary by product

3 Key Points:

1.     Fan Bingbing’s scandal says more about the Chinese people than it does about her.

2.    In China, idols are commonly pardoned by their fans.

3.    Chinese consumers want the content they are consuming to be authentic and can be very skeptical about what brands produce.


“Some brands will keep collaborating with her [Fan BingBing] because, despite the scandal, she has real selling power.” –Keije.

“There are several factors that affect an influencer’s price. They will also factor in things like your brand's reputation.” –Lauren.

“It also depends on what kind of products and what platforms you are choosing. So, for example, if you recommend an outfit, it is best that you just publish photos on Weibo. For some makeup or skincare product, I would prefer to see them on videos.” –Keije.

Thanks to our sponsors PARKLU and The Meet Group:   

Host:Lauren Hallanan

Articles Discussed:

The most recent edition of The China Influencer Update newsletter

Article about Fan Bingbing’s Comeback: 道歉100天后,范冰冰正式复出:究竟是谁让她东山再起

Parklu’s report analyzing the effects of the scandal

How Influencers Calculate Their Fees: 小红书的算法千人千面,你一个小博主的报价都整出算法了

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