CIM041: Inside the Life of Top Xiaohongshu Influencer Rui @大睿睿

March 18, 2019

This week I chat with Rui (@大睿睿) a top-tier fashion and beauty influencer on Xiaohongshu with nearly 2 million followers. Our conversation covers a wide variety of topics including how she got started on Xiaohongshu, what type of content she produces and why, what her fans think of sponsored content, the pros and cons of being a Chinese KOL based in NYC, and much, much more.

Her background:

  • Rui is originally from China, currently based in NYC
  • She studied statistics at Boston University
  • Now studying art management at FIT
  • She had been active on Xiaohongshu for a while, but about two years ago her account really took off
  • She now has almost 2 million followers

Her content:

  • She mainly posts three types of content: fashion, beauty, and study/life abroad related
  • Fashion is her favorite and what she is most passionate about
  • Beauty is very popular with young, female consumers and there are more opportunities to collaborate with a top luxury brand’s beauty dept. than their fashion dept.; allows you to get a foot in the door
  • Study/life abroad – a large portion of her audience studies/lives abroad so this is content they can relate to

Why she loves Xiaohongshu and why brands should too:

  • She loves shopping and this platform is all about shopping
  • Weibo is too news focused and back when she started the content types were limited
  • Users go on Xiaohongshu with a shopping mindset
  • Much easier to find your targeted audience here

What her fans think of sponsored content:

  • She feels that fans are supportive of sponsored content as long as it is done right.
  • They understand that KOLs need to partner with brands in order to have an income, and your audience wants you to become better and they want to go along on your journey, so if you get the opportunity to work with a top brand they are excited for you
  • She also has a personal Weibo account that she doesn’t publicize, but some loyal fans will find and follow, and she uses this as a place to let off steam, show the whole process of collaborating with brands, share behind the scenes, all the work and struggle that goes into these collaborations
  • You’re a KOL, not a celebrity, so people like to see that you’re a real person with real struggles

The pros and cons of being a Chinese KOL based in NYC:

  • Pros: Chinese people are generally curious about life abroad so her posts will attract more attention
  • Cons: She feels like people work harder and grow more quickly in China; There are many events in Shanghai that she is unable to attend

Trends and other interesting takeaways:

  • Brands have begun moving beyond regular collaborations to create campaigns specifically designed around an influencer’s content and style
  • She has tried vlogs but isn’t doing them regularly; they are very time consuming to produce and go against the short video trend so she still hasn’t made her mind up about them
  • 燃烧的陀螺仪 is a Douyin content creator who has become popular very recently for his very fast vlogs
  • As a content creator, Douyin and Xiaohongshu can be difficult because they both open up to an explore page and the algorithm shows users content it thinks they will like, regardless of whether they follow the person or not, so even though you have a huge following, they have to seek you out, won’t always see your posts, no matter how big you get you still need to think about how to get your posts featured

Guest: Rui


Xiaohongshu Account: @大睿睿

Host: Lauren Hallanan



WeChat: H1212118514

Thanks to our sponsors PARKLU: and The Meet Group 

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