CIM053: A Chinese Millennial’s Thoughts on 11.11

November 4, 2019

There’s a lot of hype about 11.11 in Western media, but does everyone really love the holiday as much as the reports would have you think? Today we chat with a Chinese millennial Kejie who shares how her feelings on 11.11 have changed over the years, the Alibaba shopping game that her friends keep trying to get her to play, and what she and her friends are buying this year.

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  1. What is your impression of 11.11 and how has that changed over time?
    • Kejie has become less interested in 11.11 every year
  2. Have you ever bought anything during 11.11?
    • The first few years
  3. How do you feel about 11.11 this year? What about your friends, how do they feel? Are they talking about it?
    • Many of her friends are still quite interested
    • One friend always stocks up on a certain product during sales and doesn’t buy it at full price
  4. Have you seen anything different going on this year as far as promotions? Content? Brands involved? KOLs? etc.


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