CIM054: Becky’s Fantasy COO Tristan Cui Shares the Key Drivers of Becky Li’s Success

November 22, 2019


About two months ago when I was in Guangzhou I had the great honor of visiting the headquarters of Becky’s Fantasy, the company owned and operated by top WeChat fashion influencer Becky Li. While I was there, I got to sit down with Becky’s COO and close friend Tristan Cui and pry into the inner workings of a company and KOL I really admire.

Just for some context – if you don’t know who Becky Li is, you might remember a KOL campaign with Mini Cooper a couple years ago that went viral after the fashion KOL sold 100 mini coopers in 5 minutes… that was Becky.

Tristan has been Becky’s close friend for a long time and has been with Becky and the company since the beginning.  In the interview she shares what differentiates Becky from other influencers in China, some of the key drivers of her success, and why Becky’s WeChat article open rates have remained extremely high while other accounts are struggling.

As far as I know this is the only English language interview Tristan has done and I’m excited to share this opportunity with you guys.

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Questions covered:

  1. How do you feel the China influencer marketing industry has changed in 2019?
  2. Many WeChat accounts have seen slower follower growth and decreasing article opens, have you felt that and what have you been doing to combat that?
  3. Becky’s Fantasy has several Official Accounts on different topics, what is the purpose of this?
  4. Becky’s Fantasy has amazing branding. I think more so than any KOL I have seen. Why is this important? When did you get an illustrator and start to incorporate that into the brand?
  5. Do you feel that the preferences of your audience have been changing? What do they seem to care most about these days? What topics are they most interested?
  6. Most western influencers don’t have fan groups to the extent that Chinese influencers do. why do you feel fan groups are important?
  7. What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of Chinese domestic brands? Has Becky worked with any of them? Does your audience seem interested in them? 
  8. I saw Becky has been selling items on Xianyu, this seems to be a trend among Chinese celebs. Why has she decided to start doing this too? 
  9. Does Becky have any new projects she’s working on?

Article: Chinese KOL Becky Li Sells 100 mini coopers in 5 minutes

Becky’s Fantasy WeChat Account: 黎贝卡的异想世界

Host: Lauren Hallanan



WeChat: H1212118514

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