CMP066: Should Your Brand Enter the China Market? Josh Gardner, CEO of Kung Fu Data, gives his honest opinion

March 22, 2020

Is your brand thinking about entering the China market? Or are you currently trying to gain a foothold in China but are struggling? This episode with Josh Gardner, CEO of Kung Fu Data, is sure to give you food for thought.

Kung Fu Data & Ecommerce Group helps international brands with China market entry and advisory, Tmall store activation and optimization, and daily operations support.

Josh has a no BS, super honest approach. He knows how to make brands succeed in China, but he is also not afraid to turn down brands that he doesn’t think have what it takes.

Today Josh shares what brands should consider before entering China and how to evaluate if a brand is ready or not. He also shares tips for a successful China launch strategy.

Two interesting ideas that we discuss are 1) Its actually easier to activate Chinese consumers outside of China and then enter the mainland China market, which is related to number 2) which is his concept of people follow people who follow brands.

Another thing Josh points out is that, in China, the faster you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Agility is extremely important in the China market, not only because consumer behaviors and technology are rapidly changing, but because Chinese domestic brands tend to be very agile and international brands just entering the market are going to struggle to compete if they can’t keep up.

Guest: Josh Gardner




Host: Lauren Hallanan



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