Methodically Adapting Your Brand to China

Justin Wong
March 24, 2021

China is increasingly the place where business happens. In particular, business are seeking to expand in China in a post-Covid world. Not only was China the only country to record a positive year-on-year GDP growth in 2020, but also, with the announcement of a 6% growth target at the 2021 National People's Congress, China will continue to lead the world in recovering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

So what does this mean for businesses that want to take part in this economic revival?

Lina Bartuseviciute stops by the studio today to teach us a lesson about what it takes to adapt a brand to the demands of the China market in order to survive. As she puts it, consumers in China have some of the highest standards when it comes to foreign-made products, and government regulators are particularly strict when it comes to evaluating foreign brands. Furthermore, business culture is completely different than what industry players may be familiar with in the West. In China, one mistake could be all it takes to turn an enterprise on its head and on its way out of the country.

With all the experience she has acquired through years of tactically helping brands survive and grow in the market of China, Lina brings us invaluable information and examples of what to do and what not to do as a brand that wants to succeed in China.

Don't miss out on this information-packed treasure trove.

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Guest: Lina Bartuseviciute


Host: Elijah Whaley



Producer: Justin Huang


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