The Future of Branding with Alpher Xian

Justin Wong
March 10, 2021

Branding has been a significant part of marketing for ages. It is a field that continues to find new ways to attract public attention and influence consumer behaviour. This sector of the industry has seen some of its most rapid development in China, where influencers and key opinion customers have blossomed into fully-fledged branding agents that are fully integrated into many facets of marketing in the country. But what does the future have in store for branding?

Joining us in the studio today is Alpher Xian, creative consultant at Google, who coordinates YouTube advertising campaigns with businesses in China. With a rich background in branding, Alpher brings his insights into how the industry has been changing, and presents some of the questions he has about the future of branding.

Today's episode is a thought provoker indeed. What role might AI play in sharpening the accuracy of advertising? What is the extent of AI's potential in predicting consumer desires and facilitating purchases as soon as those desires hit? Can a brand build a solid brand image without executing branding campaigns?

Find the answers to these questions and more in today's episode of the China Influencer Marketing Podcast, brought to you by PARKLU.

Listen to this episode via the audio player below:

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Guest: Alpher Xian


Host: Elijah Whaley



Producer: Justin Huang


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