Evenings with Eli: Starting Up in China

Justin Wong
April 29, 2021

From Omaha to Shanghai, Elijah Whaley has experienced working in different industries, different cultures and different types of companies, with different types of people. Bundled with all of that experience comes a ton of knowledge and expertise about not just the business and economics sides of the world, but also plenty of insights on the social and behavioural sides of human nature.

Tonight for our second instalment in the Evenings with Eli series, Eli brings us a little further along his back story of how he got started from his first job at a startup, to launching his own venture and finally working at PARKLU. In this episode, we learn from a first-hand account of startup culture and operation dynamics in China, which has long been the fastest developing economy in the world.

Of course, competing in a fast-paced environment also means a faster path to decline for any enterprise unfortunate to find itself starting on that path - which is exactly what had happened in Eli's experience.

In addition to industry talk, Eli, a seasoned practitioner of mindfulness and meditation and dedicated scholar of the human soul, discusses some of his perspectives on social interactions and how one word uttered today can make massive changes tomorrow.

Join us for this particularly meaningful and knowledge-filled episode of the China Influencer Marketing Podcast.

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Host: Elijah Whaley

Website: www.elijahwhaley.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elijahwhaley/

Producer: Justin Huang

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/huangjunsheng/

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