Marketing in China: Relationships and Retention

Justin Wong
June 23, 2021

In his only podcast appearance of the year, Alex Duncan, co-founder and product lead at KAWO joins us in the China Influencer Marketing Podcast studio for an insightful discussion on the marketing scene in China, and how businesses adapt in this massive and rapidly evolving market.

Today's episode is truly a delight to listen to. Rather than just another interview, this episode is a thorough, two-way discussion of experiences gained from two different perspectives of the China market. There is discussion on building trust and brand value through content and by leveraging influencers.

Alex also presents his views and examples of how promising, sustainable business models are sometimes derailed or destroyed by venture capitalists, exuberance and trends. His reasoning is that as a result of an over-eagerness to seek a quick, immediate profit, long term strategies, opportunities and innovations are sometimes overlooked in favour of seizing a short-term gain. What are your views and experiences? What can businesses do to ensure that they not only remain profitable, but also remain competitive and, most importantly, innovative?

Get ready, get set, and tune in to this exclusive episode.

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Guest: Alex Duncan


Host: Elijah Whaley



Producer: Justin Huang


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